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Bulk Excavation and Demolition in Abingdon and the Surrounding Areas
Façade Retention Within the Construction Industry

Historical and listed buildings are a part of our heritage that we shouldn’t overlook. Each structure tells a story – of its history and inhabitants. Will modern buildings stand the test of time to do the same in a couple of hundred years? For those of us who decide to purchase older properties in Abingdon and the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas, we do so for the authentic features and character of the building. Unless there is damage to the structure that’s beyond saving, we do our best to maintain as much originality as possible.

Groundworks contractors, S Peet Groundworks Ltd are experts in demolition, with an extended range of services including bulk excavation, plant hire and grab hire. Despite destruction being part of our job, we’re passionate about preserving our country’s building heritage where possible.

Façade Retention

There are many advantages to keeping and restoring the exterior of older buildings. Some are listed here:

Financial Aid

For commercial buildings where saving the original features is a priority, or job creation is highlighted, there may be facilities to apply for financial aid. Private home owners in Abingdon or the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas may qualify for assistance as well, depending on the status of their property.

You’re Saving a Building

Like recycling, you’re giving a property a new lease of life. Updating the interior by adding new internal structural supports, wiring and plumbing will increase the building’s value, with fire safety standards improved as the structure is further secured. Clever design can enlarge the interior’s overall size and add new floors without external compromise.

S Peet Groundworks contractors, demolition experts and bulk excavation operatives can help make the process of updating these buildings easy and stress free. We will also provide operated plant hire and grab hire services for the entire project.

No Planning Permission (but read the fine print)

According to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, any works carried out for ‘the maintenance, improvement or other alteration of any building’ that will only affect the interior part of the structure, are not referred to as a development and are, therefore, exempt from planning permission. Please double check to ensure this act is relevant to your project.

Suitable Properties are Available

How many vacant buildings do you see on a regular basis? Instead of rushing out to build a new property, how about creating the same space behind a unique historical exterior? Many financial institutions and insurance companies have modern offices with listed façades. Why not consider this option for your commercial venture or private property?

We share over a century of combined experience between our staff at S Peet Groundworks, and we’re leading experts in the areas of demolition, bulk excavation, plant hire and grab hire. Our groundworks contractors are on hand to offer advice to, and share their expertise with, potential clients in Abingdon and the surrounding areas. Please contact us at our Chipping Norton offices to make an appointment.

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