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Grab Hire and Groundworks Contractors in Gloucester and the Surrounding Areas | Why Are Open Floor Plans So Popular?

Continuing on from the blog on our Cheltenham page about eco-friendly flooring, we’ve noticed a lot more new builds are opting for the open floor look instead of standard interior layouts. And the idea is also popular for property owners who are carrying out complete remodelling projects at their homes in Gloucester and the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas. Gone are the days of builders constructing several internal walls over our freshly laid foundations; now, it seems, the fewer partitions the better.

Based in Chipping Norton, groundworks contractors, S Peet Groundworks Ltd provides a range of support services to the construction industry including complete or partial demolition, bulk excavation, plant hire and grab hire.

Open Floor Living

Here we look at why the open floor layout is in such demand in Gloucester and the surrounding areas:

Less Maintenance

More space to manoeuvre a mop or vacuum cleaner means less time going from room to room, moving buckets or plugging in appliances. With furniture spread out across a wider open area, cleaning time is cut dramatically.

Clearer Perception

Thanks to fewer interior walls blocking out natural light, the inside of a property can enjoy the benefits of illumination from both the front and rear simultaneously. For open plan extensions, floor to ceiling windows are a must!

More Chances to Socialise

There’s nothing worse than missing out on time with your guests because you’re stuck in the kitchen preparing their meal whilst they socialise in another room. This won’t happen if you have an open plan kitchen, dining and living room combination.

No More Cramped Space

Just as our demolition and bulk excavations services clear the way for plant hire and grab hire machinery, reducing the number of internal walls provides the space for more interior design options with a consistent theme running through.

Bringing the Inside Out

As groundworks contractors, S Peet Groundworks operates outdoors all year round. Most days are fine but occasionally - thanks to our weather – we get wet. Open floor plan extensions with bi-fold doors offer the chance to experience the freshness of the outdoors without discomfort.

Energy Efficient

With so much natural light, you’ll find your heating bills reduced thanks to an open floor interior. Fewer walls also mean air can flow freely, heating or cooling the space more efficiently without getting blocked by partition walls.

From what S Peet Groundworks’ contractors, demolition experts and bulk excavation operatives have seen on various property development sites when conducting our range of services, including plant hire and grab hire in Gloucester and the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas, these new interiors are certainly in vogue.

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