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Professional Groundworks Contractors in Bicester, Abingdon and the Surrounding Areas

As renowned and respected groundworks contractors, serving the domestic and commercial sectors, S Peet Groundworks carry out a comprehensive range of bulk excavation and groundworks services. Whether the project is a single property or an entire development, no job is too small. We are fully prepared and qualified to conduct a professional service for our growing list of clients in Bicester, Abingdon and the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire regions.

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Our Groundworks Services

Based in Chipping Norton, S Peet Groundworks provides an essential part of the construction process – preparing the area for building to commence. Without proper groundworks and foundations, no structure would last.

Basement Excavation

Whether a property is already in-situ or the basement is a designated part of a new build, our highly skilled team will excavate the area below ground level, removing waste and excess materials in order to prepare the area for the next stage of the building process.

Bulk Excavation

With our plant hire machinery on site, we’ll ensure all soil and rock is removed from the area in order to level the surface for the groundworks and foundations stages. For further information about S Peet Groundworks’ bulk excavation service in Bicester, Abingdon and the surrounding areas, please click onto the link.

Concrete Bases

Situated between the existing sub-base (soil) and the concrete slab, a concrete base supports the two components and reduces the risk of the slab cracking or moving as it dries. The base itself is formed by crushed aggregates which assist with drainage as well.


Whilst installing foundations, our groundworks contractors will create the proper drainage systems for both foul and surface water. Waste is connected to the closest sewage facilities and treated accordingly, whilst the surface water is directed to a local river or the nearest soakaway for natural removal.


Once the groundworks have been completed by our skilled team, we’ll frame and pour the foundations in order to provide a safe and watertight base for your property. Ensuring their strength and evenness, the next stage of the building process can commence once the foundations have dried.


For larger commercial or industrial buildings, piling offers stronger foundations than standard. We can push pillars of concrete, steel or timber into the ground in order to spread the weight of the property over a wider area. This is carried out where the soil lacks stability in order to confirm the ground will support a large structure.

Reinforced Concrete

By embedding steel bars into concrete, the substance dries to a more tensile and secure formula. Ideal for heavier buildings, and commonly used in house construction, reinforced concrete foundations will guarantee the safety of any property, even in extreme weather conditions.

Our specialised groundworks contractors at S Peet Groundworks are available to visit properties and sites in advance for consultation. We’re happy to offer advice about our demolition, bulk excavation, plant hire and grab hire services, and provide potential clients in Bicester, Abingdon and the surrounding areas with free and fully detailed quotations.

For further details about our groundworks services in Bicester, Abingdon and the surrounding areas, please call us on 07960 228353, 07973 625864 or 01608 676808.