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Plant Hire and Demolition in Kidlington and the Surrounding Areas
The Various Ways to Demolish a Building

Established within the construction industry in 2010, and sharing over a century of combined experience between us here at S Peet Groundworks Ltd, we’re leading experts in bulk excavation, as well as fully qualified groundworks contractors. We also provide a successful plant hire and grab hire service to our domestic, commercial and industrial clients in Kidlington and the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

When it comes to demolition, there’s nothing we don’t know. It’s not a case of just bulldozing our way in and destroying a property as quickly as possible. Health and safety play a vital role, along with skill and an in-depth knowledge of the entire procedure.

Our Demolition Service

Before any brick is removed, a property has to be fully inspected. But that’s not all. The location of the building – whether in Kidlington or the surrounding Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire areas – is extremely important. What structures are close by? Is it in a residential area? Why is the property being knocked down? Plans also have to be made for the disposal of the rubble once the work has been completed.

The following are the methods of demolition used by groundworks contractors, S Peet Groundworks, depending on the factors listed above amongst others:

Strip Out

Where possible we aim to recycle as much building material as we can. Although this process is slower – due to the timbers, bricks, architectural features, metals and concrete being removed by hand, it allows for us to produce primary and secondary materials for reuse. This method is cost effective from a recycling point of view, but considerably slower due to the time it takes to remove all the materials.


What you see on television for dramatic effect. By strategically placing explosives throughout the building to be demolished, the structure will collapse in a controlled manner, minimising risk to nearby properties by collapsing vertically. Our demolition experts will inspect the building thoroughly to ascertain the most appropriate places to set their selected charges.

Following this, our bulk excavation operatives will remove the rubble from the site using our plant hire and grab hire machinery in an effective manner in order to minimise disruption.

Wrecking Ball

Used mostly for concrete constructions, this is one of the oldest forms of property destruction. Again, it’s essential that a skilled operative perform the procedure in order to avoid any potential errors in deconstruction. The ball itself can weigh anything from 450kgs to 5,400kgs, depending on the size and composition of the structure in question. It’s attached to a crane via a cable that allows it to swing forward into the concrete.

It's not the tidiest way to knock a building, with debris and rubble flying around. Simply put, the structure is battered down to nothing. Then the tidy up begins.

Based in Chipping Norton, S Peet Groundworks is accredited to Street Works UK which promotes best practice when working in public spaces across the UK, including Kidlington and the surrounding areas. Whilst providing the plant hire and grab hire machinery for the demolition process, we maintain a high standard of safety and regard for the general public during each part of the project. On construction sites, our groundworks contractors and bulk excavation operatives also work to the same high standards.

To discuss our range of services in Kidlington and the surrounding areas, please call us on 07960 228353, 07973 625864 or 01608 676808.