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Bulk Excavation and Demolition in Oxford and the Surrounding Areas
The Pros and Cons of Basement Conversions

The value of properties with basements is considerably higher than those without and, as the costs of moving fluctuate, more and more residents are choosing to stay put and renovate. There are many options to consider when deciding to expand downwards in your home – what will the extra space be used for? Is it safe? How do I know I’m choosing a reliable and experienced company to carry out the job?

Look no further than groundworks contractors, S Peet Groundworks Ltd. Based in Chipping Norton, we have been providing a range of relevant services to clients in Oxford and the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas since 2010, and our reputation as a leading name in demolition, bulk excavation, plant hire and grab hire precedes us.

We can safely excavate the area beneath your existing property to prepare the space for use.

Basement Issues

There are many points to note when it comes to basement conversions:

  • The structure is mostly in place with solid supports so no extra building or demolition needs to be carried out. Our expert team will easily access the area and commence the bulk excavation process using our range of plant hire and grab hire machinery
  • Essential utilities are already in place for convenience and saving the work our groundworks contractors will have to quote for
  • Heating won’t be an issue as the structure is already surrounded by organic insulation
  • With natural light not available, will the area become damp in the future? How can this be avoided? As part of our groundworks services, S Peet Groundworks will ensure the area is watertight and moisture resistant
  • How will pipes and cables in the new ceiling be concealed? Will a suspended ceiling drastically reduce the new basement’s height?
  • Is planning permission required? And what building regulations might you need to follow?

Our tip? Don’t paint the walls white in order to make the area brighter. And stay away from fluorescent lighting; the glare will give your new basement an office feel with no comfort. Choose a warm ivory shade to retain the illumination whilst still incorporating a warmth into the area.

A basement conversion isn’t for everyone but it’s not always possible to build side or rear extensions and, depending on the age of your Oxford property, perhaps you don’t have a roof suited to a loft conversion. If that’s the case, S Peet Groundworks can certainly help by starting the basement renovation process.

Our trained groundworks contractors are fully qualified and highly skilled, on hand to offer advice and suggestions at all times in order for your remodelling or construction project to go as smoothly as possible. With over 100+ years’ experience in the construction and demolition trades, our bulk excavation, plant hire and grab hire services are highly sought after in Oxford and the surrounding Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

For all services we provide, we’ll arrange the appropriate permits. We’re also accredited to Street Works UK, guaranteeing peace of mind for our clients when it comes to working to best practice in public areas.

To talk to us about our range of services in Oxford and the surrounding areas, call 07960 228353, 07973 625864 or 01608 676808.